We're working hard on our re-write of the Abereiddy show (see below). We've added a Prologue with five new songs and some insights into the Victorian age in which the main show is set. Regular rehearsals at the moment, for the three of us and also along with Fishguard Folk Singers.

We're also aware of life beyond Abereiddy - we're doing our best to learn new material while keeping fresh the best of the old.

The hint of maybe recording an album is in the air...

Onstage at the Gwaun, about to get going
Everyone in the theatre was VERY happy, here are the three happiest

Coming up:

We're going to repeat the Abereiddy show - it was so well received and so well reviewed that we pretty well had to. It has its own page on the website now - ah, how quickly our children grow. We also have these gigs coming up:

Friday November 8th, 7.30: Cuffern Manor, supporting Dana and Susan Robinson.