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Hand Made Heart

Hand Made Heart is our first CD. It's a mix of original songs, traditional songs, and covers that you might expect to hear at a gig. We recorded it 'as live', which means we were all in the same room, singing and playing exactly as we would at a concert. We rehearsed hard in the weeks leading up to recording, and so we were able to record it all in one day at StudiOwz - April 6th 2022. This is regarded as utter madness these days.

Minor fixes were overdubbed once we got the recordings home, then mixing, mastering, knitting/crochet (we have our own knitting guru in Wendy), artwork and duplication were all done by May 26th. We also added our only guest, our friend Ant Rogers of Caper Ceilidh Band, who plays banjo on 'Paddy'. We reckon that's a world record for getting a CD done. Here's the track list, with a few playable snippets:

1 Once I had a True Love (trad arr. Broadoak)

2 The Derby Refugee (Broadoak)

3 Bonny Portmore (trad arr. Broadoak)

4 Black is the Colour (trad arr. Broadoak)

5 Guillemot (Broadoak: from Birdsongs)

6 Counting (Broadoak)

7 Dacw 'nghariad (trad arr. Broadoak)

8 If I had (Broadoak)

9 Half the World (Broadoak: from Abereiddy)

10 Magpie (Davey Dodds)

11 Go to Town (Emily Smith)

12 Y gwydr glas (trad arr. Broadoak)

13 Scissors, Paper, Stone (Kim Edgar)

14 P stands for Paddy (trad arr. Broadoak)

You can get Hand Made Heart from us at gigs as a physical CD for £10. If you're a download kind of person, you can get it from our Bandcamp page for £12, or £1 for single tracks. You can hear all the songs there, together with all the lyrics and a few little comments about the tracks and the album as a whole.

Broadoak Pembrokeshire folk band
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