These photos were taken by Fishguard-based photographer Karel Mujica, whose website is here. We think she did a great job.

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ILWBICTA(LOL) - Broadoak
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ILWBICTA(LOL): There is a traditional song called 'Martin Said To His Man'. Some theories suggest it's about follies of the time when it was written. There are always new ones... Our title derives from the Internet habit of acronym creation. Supply your own meaning, we certainly do.

Here are a couple of videos of what should have been a performance but ended up as a rehearsal because of a sudden change to Covid regulations. The left (or top) one is the traditional Bonny Portmore. The right (or bottom) one is Coscoroba, a song from our upcoming and as yet untitled show about birds. The coscoroba swan is from Argentina, and has recently been re-classified by scientists. That's all very well for the scientists, but what does it do to the swan's self-image? We think she's going to be just fine about it. Naturally, she likes to tango.

You can hear more from us on our SoundCloud page and find some more video on YouTube. Search Broadoak folk.

Broadoak Pembrokeshire folk band