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ABEREIDDY, or What Did the Industrial Revolution Ever Do for Us?

A sort of Folk Musical by Broadoak and The Fishguard Folk Singers

Abereiddy is on the coast about twelve miles west of Fishguard. At the start of the 19th century it was exactly what it was at the start of the 20th century: a tiny rural hamlet housing a few farm workers. However, during those hundred years its population grew enormously, it rose to be a major industrial site with a huge quarry, and then just as quickly it went back to what it had been before. The quarry is now a tourist attraction called ‘The Blue Lagoon’.

The story of Abereiddy asks important questions: if you change a rural way of life for a new, 'improved' industrial one, is that change sustainable? For Abereiddy, it wasn't. Who benefited? Not the villagers. Let's hope that the changes we are so ruthlessly making to all our lives in the twenty-first century will prove to be more beneficial to all of us. What have we learned?

Our show looks at what happened during Abereiddy's century of change. Two narrators tell the story, helped (or hindered) by the ghosts of the real people of nineteenth century Abereiddy. Fourteen new original songs in a wide variety of styles explore the emotional heart of the story: sometimes bawdy, sometimes poignant, they expand and comment on the narrative.

Show poster for both Abereiddy gigs
Workers' cottage Abereiddy



No more performances. The show was originally intended to have just the one performance at the 2019 Fishguard Folk Festival. It was repeated several times because various people asked us to, but now it's time to move on to other projects. It's quite a challenge, keeping sixteen people up to permanent performance pitch!

There is a possibility that we may do an 'original cast recording', but that's still under discussion.

The Blue Lagoon Abereiddy
Lookout Abereiddy

"Absolutely brilliant... you should take that on tour round Pembrokeshire!" B.B.Skone, Pure West Radio

Broadoak Pembrokeshire folk band
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