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A radio ballad, but not on the radio

Do you eat like a bird, or like a gannet? Are you perhaps a flighty birdbrain, or as wise as an owl? Are your talents as scarce as hen's teeth, or do you take to things like a duck to water? Do you know a silly goose who is nevertheless sacred to Juno?

What are you - the starling or the murmuration?

Birdsongs is our new theatrical show, ten original songs linked by spoken sections which can be anything from a little drama to a couple of limericks. It looks at the way birds reflect human life, and vice versa. It mingles childhood reminiscence with a look at the future, and in the typical Broadoak manner it ranges from making you think to making you laugh.

There are some reliable facts about birds in this show, but far more unreliable ones. Cuckoos, for instance, don't usually go into politics whatever we say. So don't come if you're looking for a lecture on the life cycle of the guillemot. But do come if you want to know how the guillemot shows humanity the Meaning of Life. Hint: it's not 42.

The first performance was for a capacity audience at the Tenby Arts Club on January 14th 2022. The organiser's reaction: Thank you so much for last night. It was a wonderful evening, I loved the format and the theme was brilliant! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! The show got a great review in the Tenby Observer on Friday 21st January. It's at the bottom of the page, click it for a larger view.

NEXT PERFORMANCE: None planned right now

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Broadoak Pembrokeshire folk band
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