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We are pleased and proud to announce the arrival of our second album, And she flies. Details on the ALBUMS page.

Broadoak is a Pembrokeshire-based folk trio comprising Chris and Peter Kay and Wendy Lewis, all experienced musicians with backgrounds and interests in many sorts of folk music (and indeed many sorts of music generally). Chris sings and plays piano and whistle, Wendy plays fiddle and sings, Peter plays various fretted instruments and sings.

Their speciality is that they don't specialise. They are just as likely to play traditional material as they are to play their own original pieces. They will switch from an intricate tune setting to a rousing singalong, then back to a haunting song performed a capella with spine-tingling harmonies. Then they will make you laugh. The only predictable element of a Broadoak performance is its unpredictability. Oh yes, and its high standard.

Broadoak are available for all sorts of events and venues. They are principally interested in playing for 'listening' audiences in whatever sort of setting or venue, but will consider anything. They are well-connected in the dance world and will whip up a ceilidh for you if that is what you fancy. They have their own high-quality PA if the venue demands one.

To contact Broadoak, please use email (preferably) or text. If you call, you might get through on a good day. But please DON'T USE FACEBOOK to get in touch. We hardly ever look at it. We only use it to advertise our gigs, and even then only if we think about it in time. OK, we're a bunch of Luddites. Too bad.

Broadoak Pembrokeshire folk band
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