The Abereiddy Show has ended public performances. All the shows were well-attended, with one of them standing room only. In one way it's tempting to keep on doing it (we've been asked!) but it's a thief of time, and we have other projects to consider

The hint of maybe recording an album has now turned into "Let's record an album", so we're working on that. All we have to sell at gigs at the moment is a cheap-and-cheerful home-made EP. We're quite pleased with that, there'll be no speaking to us when we've got a proper one.

Onstage at the Gwaun, about to get going
Everyone in the theatre was VERY happy, here are the three happiest

Coming up:

Friday January 31st 8.30 at Llangwm Rugby Club. £5 on the door

Friday February 21st at Theatr Gwaun as part of the 'Last Invasion' event which starts at 6.30. We'll be doing three short sets, one at the start then two later on in the evening. Their Facebook page is here.

Onstage at the Gwaun, about to get going